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Why programming is much harder than modeling?

Why programming is much harder than modeling? Yesterday Rafael Chaves wrote on Google+: 1:48 AM (edited) – Public “There is something confusing about the idea of good modeling being hard. After all, all one is doing is describing how the … Continue reading

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Principles and Applications of Model Driven Engineering

I was happy recently to give four lectures on MDE at NII Tokyo on the subject of “Principles and Applications of Model Driven Engineering“. Lecture 1: History and context of MDE Tuesday, January 17, 2012, 13:30-15:00 This first course will present … Continue reading

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A list of software conferences

I am currently trying to understand how Google+ pages are working. Just to have one example, I set up a G+ page on some 2012 conferences on software related subjects. The name of the page is +Conferences. Here is the … Continue reading

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Definition of an MDE tool

My own definition of an MDE tool is: An MDE tool is a tool that uses at the same time metamodeling and model transformation to achieve some automation goal in the production, maintenance or operation of software-intensive systems. There are … Continue reading

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Why did MDE miss the boat?

  Why did MDE miss the boat?   Below is the abstract of the talk I gave to the second Brazilian Workshop on Model Driven Software Development     Models have failed, at least temporarily. Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is … Continue reading

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Interpreting technology adoption curves

Interpreting technology adoption curves Following the current Google Ngramming fashionable trend, I started to look at the evolution of references to some technological buzzwords. I started by drawing the comparative curves for « object oriented » and « model driven ». The result was … Continue reading

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About model transformations

Model Transformations are essential Some recent Twitter discussions triggered by the interview of Steven Kelly by Angelo Hulshout are interesting: RT @MarkDalgarno @stevekmcc interviewed by @delphinocons for the Model-Driven Software Network: — Rafael Chaves (@abstratt) November 18, 2010 Rafael … Continue reading

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