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ICMT 2011 in Zurich in 2011 Co-located with TOOLS Europe 2011, the International Conference on Model Transformation will take place in Zurich – Switzerland, 27 – 28 June 2011 The call for paper is out: Overview Modelling is a key element … Continue reading

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Another classification of transformations

Different kinds of transformation Rafael started an interesting discussion about the mutual interest of various kinds of model transformations: Intermediate model-to-model transformations are really an implementation detail, with no direct value to end-users — Rafael Chaves (@abstratt) November 18, 2010 … Continue reading

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About model transformations

Model Transformations are essential Some recent Twitter discussions triggered by the interview of Steven Kelly by Angelo Hulshout are interesting: RT @MarkDalgarno @stevekmcc interviewed by @delphinocons for the Model-Driven Software Network: — Rafael Chaves (@abstratt) November 18, 2010 Rafael … Continue reading

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Paradim changes

If we look at the major trend evolutions in software engineering, we can see three big periods since the beginning: until 1980: procedural technology with procedural refinement as the main paradigm from 1980 until 2000/2010: object and component technology with … Continue reading

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The Village Metaphor by Antonio Vallecillo

A Journey through the Secret Life of Models In my presentations, I quite often use the following slide stolen from Antonio Vallecillo from Màlaga. It may be important to give here the original presentation from which this was extracted because … Continue reading

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Teaching Model Driven Engineering

Four lectures on MDE I am currently working on a set of four general lectures  on Principles and Applications of  Model Driven Engineering. The content will be evolving, but the general organization is the following: Course #1: History and context … Continue reading

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Where are models coming from?

On the origin of models One important question is about the origin of models. There are several answers to this question. The most naïve one is that models comes from a UML modeler like babies comes from cabbages. The question … Continue reading

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