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Software Engineering Resurrection

In December I gave a talk at the CHOOSE forum in Bern The title was: “Should we Resurrect Software Engineering?” The abstract may be found here: Last Post The slides are here: PDF file Since this presentation, I got a … Continue reading

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Should We Resurrect Software Engineering

“Should we Resurrect Software Engineering” : This is the title of a talk I will give soon. The abstract is as follows: Software engineering is dead or at least critically ill. Moving from the individual creation of small programs to … Continue reading

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Software Engineering is Dead

Software Engineering is Dead From many places, authors have been suggesting in the past years that SE is dead. Tom DeMarco’s article in IEEE Software entitled “Software Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone?”  In it he recants his … Continue reading

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Three levels for managing software

Three levels for managing software We may deal with solutions to various problems in software. These solutions, at various levels of achievement, may be considered in different ways. It is interesting to clearly distinguish the the three main branches or … Continue reading

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More technology adoption curves

Akira Tanaka nicely extended my Mgram request by adding “Service Oriented” and “Enterprise architecture”: @JBezivin How about this? — Akira Tanaka (@atanaka) December 20, 2010 The lesson I draw from this data is that “model driven engineering” and “service … Continue reading

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Interpreting technology adoption curves

Interpreting technology adoption curves Following the current Google Ngramming fashionable trend, I started to look at the evolution of references to some technological buzzwords. I started by drawing the comparative curves for « object oriented » and « model driven ». The result was … Continue reading

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University courses on programming for Mobile platforms

Following the previous post on new software engineering courses, I am getting some news on US Universities that are offering courses for programming mobile platforms like iOS (Apple) or Android (Google). Jeff Gray has mentioned the following: Stanford (Paul Hegarty) … Continue reading

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New software engineering courses

Developing applications for mobile devices Software engineering is rapidly evolving. A huge amount of the software that is developed today is produced as a set of so-called applications for App Stores. Only in the Apple App store there is currently … Continue reading

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From Programs to Mograms

From Programs to Mograms [1] Changes in Software Engineering The apparently smooth and constant evolution in software production and maintenance practices, over nearly half a century, may be hiding some forthcoming radical changes, more qualitative than quantitative. There are some … Continue reading

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From Unified Method to Unified Language

Products and Processes in Software Engineering Here is a diagram illustrating the history of UML. When we look at this picture, one remark comes immediately to mind. Why this change, between 1995 and 1996 from “Unified Method” to “Unified Language“? … Continue reading

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