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Endangered (technical) species

I am amazed by the rapid disappearance of many references to important technical contributions. It is normal life that new proposals appear and that old proposals disappear. But I find annoying that direct Web references vanishes so quickly. It is sad because some … Continue reading

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About model transformations

Model Transformations are essential Some recent Twitter discussions triggered by the interview of Steven Kelly by Angelo Hulshout are interesting: RT @MarkDalgarno @stevekmcc interviewed by @delphinocons for the Model-Driven Software Network: — Rafael Chaves (@abstratt) November 18, 2010 Rafael … Continue reading

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Bits of History (Relations between Model and Metamodel)

Bits of History (Abstract Models) An interesting tradition at every OMG meeting is the ORSMC meeting. It used to take place on the Sunday before the technical meeting week, but recently the meeting day became more flexible. The main goal … Continue reading

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A set of definitions for MDE The core organization of MDE can be captured by a simple set of definitions: Definition 1. A directed multigraph G = (NG, EG, GG) consists of a set of distinct nodes NG, a set of … Continue reading

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First Generation Metamodels

I tried to find some first generation “metamodels”. It is quite instructive to question how they were actually used. Let’s call it Flowchart #1. Here is another one: This is Flowchart #2. Here we have three ones, from left to … Continue reading

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Models and Models

Sorry, the word model is semantically overloaded. This is why a Google search on “Models EveryWhere” may bring different types of result. Here are some samples: Wrong: Good: Wrong: Good: Wrong: Good: Wrong: (train models) Good: Wrong: (food models) Beware: … Continue reading

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U-Languages or M-Languages?

I cannot resist quoting Stefan Tilkov’s blog : —————————— ” … Once upon a time, I used to believe the OMG shared the vision of modeling based on custom metamodels — after all, what MS now claims as its … Continue reading

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