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A history of Metamodeling

In 2010 I was happy to welcome Sridhar Yyengar to give a seminar in Nantes with the following title: A (Meta)modeling Odyssey : Future of modeling, metamodeling, tools integration and the semantic web. The abstract is below (1). Sridhar Yyengar leads the … Continue reading

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MDDAY’2010 going to be a big success again

MDDAY’2010 leading for a new success in Paris on Thursday Model Driven Day, the french main meeting on Model Driven Engineering Each european country has its own specificities when it comes to adopting new technologies and new practices in the … Continue reading

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Bits of History (Relations between Model and Metamodel)

Bits of History (Abstract Models) An interesting tradition at every OMG meeting is the ORSMC meeting. It used to take place on the Sunday before the technical meeting week, but recently the meeting day became more flexible. The main goal … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, MDA!

Ten years of MDA soon On November 27, 2000 the OMG published the so-called MDA whitepaper Draft 3.2 . This will soon be ten years ago. Ten years is a good period to reflect on where we stand, what has … Continue reading

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AOM: Oxymoron or Pleonasm I just uploaded and old presentation from 2002. This was a guest talk given in Vienna about the relations between MDE, AOSD and AOP. Some of the slides may still be of some interest, while many … Continue reading

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Teaching Model Driven Engineering

Four lectures on MDE I am currently working on a set of four general lectures  on Principles and Applications of  Model Driven Engineering. The content will be evolving, but the general organization is the following: Course #1: History and context … Continue reading

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What is MDE?

Model Driven Engineering There seems to be some consensus about the qualities of MDE, but what is exactly MDE? I will try to address this question in this post. First we need to consider separately the base technology and the application scope. 1. … Continue reading

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