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How Many software professional in the United States?

In my last blog, I published the following figure: One percent seems a lot.  Let’s check this: In the Bureau of Labor Statistics of May 2011, we find the following: 15-0000 Computer and Mathematical Occupations (Major Group) Total employment = 3,406,720 … Continue reading

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One percent software professionals in advanced countries

As a rule of thumb, we may consider that about one percent of the population in advanced countries like USA are computer scientists. Can we/ Should we  go beyond this 1% level? We know that computer scientists do not directly … Continue reading

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Why programming is much harder than modeling?

Why programming is much harder than modeling? Yesterday Rafael Chaves wrote on Google+: 1:48 AM (edited) – Public “There is something confusing about the idea of good modeling being hard. After all, all one is doing is describing how the … Continue reading

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YADOMAP (Yet Another Discussion On Modeling And Programming)

YADOMAP (Yet Another Discussion On Modeling And Programming) There are several issues that are related but not completely equivalent. For example we may separate the two discussions threads: What is the relation between models and programs? What is the relation … Continue reading

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Modeling and Programming

Some time ago we had a Workshop on Modeling and Programming at SPLASH2011 in Portland. It was a pleasure to meet many nice  old chaps there. In particular I remember some pleasant discussions with my modeling colleague and nevertheless good … Continue reading

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Software Engineering Resurrection

In December I gave a talk at the CHOOSE forum in Bern The title was: “Should we Resurrect Software Engineering?” The abstract may be found here: Last Post The slides are here: PDF file Since this presentation, I got a … Continue reading

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Should We Resurrect Software Engineering

“Should we Resurrect Software Engineering” : This is the title of a talk I will give soon. The abstract is as follows: Software engineering is dead or at least critically ill. Moving from the individual creation of small programs to … Continue reading

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