Software Engineering is Dead

Software Engineering is Dead

From many places, authors have been suggesting in the past years that SE is dead.

Tom DeMarco’s article in IEEE Software entitled “Software Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone?”  In it he recants his early writing on the topic of metrics and control in software engineering projects and says that software projects are fundamentally experimental and uncontrollable.  Consistency and predictability in software development are largely unattainable goals.  Much of what we think of when we think about “software engineering” is a dead end.

This paper has raised several questions, i.e.:







The paper itself may be found at:

I was very lucky to attend a keynote given by Michele Lanza in Sao Paolo last year with the title: Requiem for Software Engineering

Unfortunately I do not find anymore the slides of this presentation, but it was really convincing.

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