More technology adoption curves

Akira Tanaka nicely extended my Mgram request by adding “Service Oriented” and “Enterprise architecture”:

The lesson I draw from this data is that “model driven engineering” and “service engineering” are approximately following the same increase rate.

But I am also impressed by the important grow of the “enterprise architecture” subject.

Of course this is only one of the possible indicators of technology adoption, just only one.

Thanks Akira

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3 Responses to More technology adoption curves

  1. More than adoption, I would say this is an indicator of *growing interest* (which is maybe an even better indicator for future trends).
    For adoption, I would prefer to use indicators such as number of developed projects or similar, but that would be much harder to assess. also because a “project” would be very different in OO (it would mean an application there) and in other fields like EA, BPM, and so on (it would be an enterprise-wide not-only-IT issue there).

    • jbezivin says:


      I completely agree that we should be very cautious in interpreting Google nGrams. Although I completely agree with your comments, I would however like to comment that for “object oriented”, the curve follows quite precisely the adoption process, until the peak. The peak means that the technology has reached full acceptance and needs no much more comments in books and research papers. It has gone main stream.

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