MDDAY’2010 going to be a big success again

MDDAY’2010 leading for a new success in Paris on Thursday

Model Driven Day, the french main meeting on Model Driven Engineering

Each european country has its own specificities when it comes to adopting new technologies and new practices in the IT domain. It may be interesting to compare how model driven engineering (MDE, MDA, MDD, DDD, etc.) has been gaining recognition in various parts of the world in the last ten years. If we look at different indicators (events, companies claiming to work on the subject, participants to international conference like Eclipse Summit Europe, etc.), several countries are quite active in the domain. I will give special recognition to Germany and Spain, but UK, France, Austria, or Netherlands are also quite active. What is remarkable is that the form that the deployment of software modeling practices takes in different places are not always the same. In Germany for example it seems that MDE applied to embedded systems is a priority and in France the application of MDE to information systems is more apparent although there are also some interesting projects in embedded systems. As a trace of this, a typical french event is taking place this week in Paris, the Model Driven Day (MDDay). This year like last year, registrations are closed and they are waiting for a record number of participants. The meeting will take place this Thursday at the new Microsoft Conference Center in Issy-les-Moulineaux. It is organized by several french companies that have been active in MDE in the past years:

The program will start with a guest talk by Steve Cook and terminate with a panel with Laurent Bossavit, Jean-Pierre Mevel, Xavier Warzee, Philippe Desfray and Pascal Roques, all leading people in France on software modeling. Needless to say that everybody is eagerly waiting for Steve Cook introductory presentation. The emphasis this year is on the synergy between agile and model driven approaches. But there will also be a presentation of the overall Microsoft approaches to modeling.

The interesting format of this one-day conference on MDE is that companies involved in software modeling will present one aspect of their skills and will have one of their customer testifying about the deployment of MDE.

This year the following talks will take place:

  • Compatibility between MDE and agility (on the path of Domain Driven Design) by Object Direct and ADIXE.
  • Organization of an important Model Driven Project by Objecteering and DCNS
  • MDE at the service of Agility by W4 and the state of Geneva
  • Reconciliating software developers with real Model Driven approaches MIA-Software and the BRIT Air company
  • Framework interoperability in large system engineering by SODIUS and EADS
  • Agile MDA, pragmatic and executable, by SoftFluent and SPEIG
  • A survey of Microsoft modeling initiatives by Microsoft and SOGETI
  • Model-based Agile development with PMF for Windows Phone 7 applications by Microsoft and SOGETI
  • Migration of Statefull Fat-Client applications ona JEE/SpringWebFlowJSF stack at a central bank by JAXIO and Banque de France
  • Building a registry for insurance products by the WYMIWYG approach (What You Modelize Is What You Get) by OBEO and CAP GEMINI
  • Examples of MDA modernization of Applications – Case studies COBOL2J2EE and Natstar2J2EE with BluAge Reverse by BluAge and the SOPRA Group.

This MDDay even has been organized since 2007 and all presentations from previous years are available in ZIP/PDF or RAR/PDF format (unfortunately most of them in french):

Due to a big success, the registration are closed, but one may ask to be added to the waiting list by mail to

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One Response to MDDAY’2010 going to be a big success again

  1. jbezivin says:

    All the presentations of MDDay’2010 are now available on slideware:

    Most are in french, but Steve Cook’s presentation is in english.

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