IBM opening a CAS in France

IBM 27th Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) opening in France.

I was a student at the University of Grenoble in 1967 when they decided to open there an “IBM scientific center“.  We were very lucky at the time to have access to many new technologies like this wonderful CP/CMS operating system (Control Program/Conversational Monitoring System), one of the first conversational console-based system with a virtual machine generator (yes this was in 1967). We were one of the first generation of students to have access to the PL/1 compiler and to learn this language (was it a chance?). I did three successive co-op stays with IBM Grenoble. I worked for them in my master thesis in 1970 on conversational systems using the first visual consoles (IBM 2260).   The IBM scientific center in Grenoble was a very successful collaboration with the center of La Gaude near Nice. But since that time, IBM has not been very active in France. The closer research lab is in Zurich.

This was until last week.  Now there is a CAS in Montpellier and IBM is returning to France. This was celebrated last Friday in Montpellier and ended with a nice dinner at  la Réserve Rimbaud, a very “chic” restaurant in the center of the town (see “Le Cas de Patrick“).

CAS France is the IBM Center for Advanced Studies dedicated to foster collaboration in France among academia, industry, government, and the IBM technical community, and transfer scientific innovations and breakthroughs into IBM products and services.

According to IBM, by providing access to world-class IBM technical staff, products and other resources, CAS France acts as a gateway for academic professors, researchers and students who want to address research issues of strategic business value. Conversely, it exposes the broader IBM technical community to novel research directions and state of the art research, nurturing its Technical Vitality.

CAS France conducts and coordinates Applied Collaborative Research projects integrating public research centers, IBM France and its strategic customers and partners. Typical projects involve university researchers, interns or PhD students collaborating with IBM France staff. They can take place at the Regional (Competitive Clusters), National (ANR and FUI frameworks) and Europeanlevels. CAS France focuses on the following technologies and usages:


  • Business Processes and Business Rules
  • Business Analytics and Optimization
  • Information Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Visualization and Human Computer Interaction
  • Ontologies and Semantic Web technologies

Architecture and integration:

  • Healthcare
  • Water, Energy management
  • Smarter Cities

CAS France is a focal point for various IBM France university relations programs, including theFaculty AwardsPh.D. Fellowship and Shared University Research programs. It is an important resource for IBM France, developing its contribution to the French research and technology ecosystem.

The leader of the IBM CAS France is Patrick Albert, one of the co-founder of the ILOG company recently acquired by IBM.  There are now 27 CAS through the world according to IBM (list of IBM CAS).

Congratulation Patrick! Well done.

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