University courses on programming for Mobile platforms

Following the previous post on new software engineering courses, I am getting some news on US Universities that are offering courses for programming mobile platforms like iOS (Apple) or Android (Google). Jeff Gray has mentioned the following:

  • Stanford (Paul Hegarty)
  • Virginia Tech (Jules White)
  • Vanderbilt V-MAT group
  • Columbia University
  • MIT (Hal Abelson)
  • Columbia University
  • University of Maryland (Adam Porter)
  • Carnegie Mellon – Silicon Valley( Tony Wasserman) – (Tony gave recently a really neat talk at FSE FOSER )
  • Harding University (Frank McCown)
  • University of Alabama (Jeff Gray)

I do not know European universities that are engaging in such specific courses, but probably there are some.

There is an interesting reference to Hal Abelson on this subject. I cannot resist quoting him:

“Mobile applications are triggering a fundamental shift in the way people experience computing and use mobile phones. Ten years ago, people “went to the computer” to perform tasks and access the Internet, and they used a cell phone only to make calls. Today, smartphones let us carry computing with us, have become central to servicing our communication and information needs, and have made the web part of all that we do. Ten years ago, people’s use of computing was largely dissociated from real life. With the ubiquity of social networking, online and offline life are becoming fused.”

It would be difficult to express this evolution more accurately.

On a related subject, some comparative information on iPhone and Android development environments is becoming available:

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2 Responses to University courses on programming for Mobile platforms

  1. François Charoy says:

    à une plus petite échelle, il y a des choses


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