Architecture Ecosystem

The Architecture Ecosystem OMG Special Interest Group.

The AESIG initiative at OMG has a focus on interoperability and integration:

We recognize that different groups at different times, with different concerns may address the same concepts in different ways. This can happen by accident or intent. It can result from confusing viewpoints with information metamodels. It can result from political consequences or simply personalities of the people involved. And it happens all the time, over almost any subject one could imagine.

But we also recognize the value of information integration, sharing, collaborative development and the network effect the the promotion of effective information discovery, management and use.

As a result, it may be helpful to examine different approaches to how information can be integrated, their characteristics, and benefits and drawbacks. Then we can layer on top of these different approaches the methods, tools and best practices techniques that would support these different approaches. This information may be helpful in charting an initial course of action for the AE SIG that we can evolve over time.

Different approaches to integration may be found on the AESIG Wiki.

As a more specific discussion of alignment, a previous post may also be relevant.

The Wiki has a pointer on the Zoos (see also post).

See also the Petstore benchmark as a set of linked models (UseCase)

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