Various kinds of modeling

Variants of Modeling

MDE is one branch of software modeling and MDE has many sub-branches. Let us look at some of the variants of modeling:
We are interested in software modeling, i.e. using software for modeling activities. In the previous figure we see that other techniques can be used for modeling like mathematics or physics. Now there are two main branches to  software modeling, i.e. MDE (Model Driven Engineering) and Simulation.

The main difference between simulation and MDE lies in the fact that a simulation is a typical example of a dynamic model. This means that the revolution in time of the model represents the evolution in time of the original system. Furthermore, once the simulation achieves, the work is not yet finished because one still has to interpret the results of this simulation.

Simulation and Model Driven engineering are two important branches of software modeling that share some properties and diverges on others. Both techniques share the idea of a a model representing a system:

But MDE uses most often a static model of a dynamic system while simulation is always a dynamic model of a dynamic system:

The main idea of MDE is that a model conforms to a metamodel:

The various branches of MDE are :

Most of the classification sheme described above may be summarized in the following picture:

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