On the origin of models

Where are models coming from?

There are three important questions about models: 

  1. What is a model made of?
  2. What are models useful for?
  3. Where do models come from?

In this post we address the latest one: Where are models coming from?

We consider this question to be fundamental, even central to a “theory”  of MDE.

The first naïve answer is that Models are coming from Rational Rose, Papyrus or other UML Modelers. This is obviously much unsatisfactory. It is about the same level of answer as babies are born in cabbages:

Or that storks bring babies:

Let us look at a more satisfactory answer. A model may have two origins:

  • either from the transformation of another model
  • or from the representation of a system with the help of an observer.

1. Transformation of another model

This is the simplest way to get a model: by transformation of another model.
Mb <- t(Ma)

2. Representation of a system

This is much more difficult.

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