Every metamodel is a treaty

There are very narrow relations between DSLs, Metamodels and Ontologies. Many lessons from ontology engineering are of relevance to model-driven engineering. This is why it may be interesting to read a recent paper by Tom Gruber, one of the most influential researcher in ontology engineering. As a matter of fact, Tom Gruber may be considered as one of the founders of modern ontology. He gave the first definition of an ontology that has been quoted since then times and times: “An ontology is a shared formal specification of an abstraction“. As we know, this could as well be taken as a concise defintion for a metamodel.
So, after a long time working in the field, Tom Gruber recently delivered again a new strong message: “Every ontology is a treaty“.


In the sometimes hot debates on the the future (or no future) of UML, and particularly UML 2.0, I found this to be an interesting reading.

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